Order Seedlings

Here is why you should order seedlings:

  1. Get healthier seedlings
  2. Get special seedlings (examples: habanero peppers, करेला)
  3. Save money

Ask All Farmers to show you how to use these forms. Use this form to take orders from other farmers:

Add up the number of trays each farmer orders. Each tray is $25.

Add up the number of trays of each vegetable. This is the number you will tell the greenhouse. Use this form to make your greenhouse order:

Order from Harvest Farm in Whately:

(413) 665-2030

125 Long Plain Rd, South Deerfield, MA 01373


Custom Seedlings

If the vegetable says "CUSTOM" You have to buy seeds. Give the custom seeds to the greenhouse.


You can pay to have seedlings delivered.