Wealth and racism can make or break farmers

All Farmers had the privilege to participate in this year's PV Grows forum. As part of the land access group, we asked who has land? Because of our work we weren't surprised that farmland access is concentrated among white landowners, but we were surprised by how great that concentration is:

*POC is an acronym that stands for "People of Color"

*POC is an acronym that stands for "People of Color"


This is just one piece to understanding why farmers of color are under-represented in our food system, but it is an important one.

Also at the conference we learned about a person of color land trust that is starting in the Northeast. Please look for them in to coming months and years and support their efforts. As a spinoff from our discussion group, a Land Redistribution discussion/action group is continuing to meet. (You can contact Hannah to be added to the list.)

Have we mentioned how important land access is for farmers? If you have land (especially in the Springfield area) would you consider letting a farmer use it? You can find out more here.