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Land, training, and representation for refugee and immigrant farmers

Refugees and immigrants entering the United States are by and large farmers. It is central to their identity and cultural integrity. Restoring these landless farmers to the land opens new possibilities for the health and vibrancy of refugee and immigrant communities and the well-being and equity of society at large.

All Farmers understands the barriers refugee and immigrant farmers face from a social justice perspective. Structural racism, language and cultural barriers, and limited financial resources are just a few of the challenges the farmers face.  With the right support and advocacy, refugee and immigrant farmers are able to work in spite of these challenges. They are a valuable asset to the local food system and our communities, and by supporting their success we support a more vibrant and just future.

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What We Do

All Farmers supports autonomous groups of refugee and immigrant farmers in accessing the land, training, and resources they need to succeed. Staff work with each group to define their goals, assess their needs, and develop a strategy unique to each situation.

Farmer groups are autonomous, much like any other cooperative business, LLC, or partnership. You can read more about current groups All Farmers works with here.


Partners & Supporters

  • CDI (Cooperative Development Institute)
  • CISA (Community Involved in Sustaining Agriculture)
  • Connecticut Urban Legal Initiative
  • Equity Trust
  • Forever Farmland Initiative
  • Kestrel Land Trust
  • Land for Good
  • NOFA Mass
  • Pioneer Valley Workers Center
  • Religious Lands Conservation Project, Massachusetts Land Trust Coalition
  • Tess O'Day

Thank you for making this work possible!