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UGASA is a Bhutanese cultural non-profit in West Springfield, MA. In addition to other cultural activities, UGASA supports Bhutanese farmers. The farmers grow ample cultural vegetables for the local community.

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New Families Community Farm Partnership Association (NFCFPA)

We are the New Families Community Farm Partnership Association (NFCFPA). We came to this country more than ten years ago as refugees from Somalia. Our people are farmers and we always fed our community. Now we are looking for land to grow fruits and vegetables for our new community in Connecticut and Massachusetts.

Please visit our website for updates and more information.



Wakulima is a group of East African farmers who previously farmed together at New Lands Farm. They focus on crops from their home countries, including maize, shell beans, kunde, jilo, collards, mchicha, and more.

Connecticut Karen Community Asssociation

Karen farmers share a community farm in Suffield, CT where they grow culturally-important vegetables for their and other new American communities.

Farmers would like to re-open a corner store to sell their vegetables from. Please check back next season for their progress!