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Without a farm, they are like fish out of water.
— Bhutanese community member

make farm ownership possible for refugees and immigrants


+ Can institutions be friends of All Farmers?

Yes! Please contact Hannah for more information about becoming a Friend of All Farmers.

+ I’m broke. How can I support the farmers?

All Farmers has a diverse set of volunteer needs. Please check our volunteer board for current needs and tell us about your interests.

+ Can I meet the farmers?

Farmers speak at local events throughout the year. Check our events page for upcoming opportunities to hear them speak.

+ Why not just donate food?

Hunger is real. Food donations fill an immediate need, and thousands of families across the state are helped each year by food donations.

When All Farmers thinks about food access, we also think about culture, agency, and autonomy. Without the ability to grow food, refugee and immigrant communities have little autonomy or agency in determining their food access and choices. Many cultural foods are unavailable or may be low quality, making it difficult for families to maintain their food traditions.

Ensuring opportunities for all communities to farm is a cost-effective way to feed families in need, and allows communities greater control over their food supply.